When the nature’s beauty reaches the social media’s eternity!

Τετάρτη, 27 Ιανουαρίου 2016


Zakynthos is famous about many things, but what someone choose to remember in its full extension or in what context he/she really enjoyed something else is totally subjective. However, you will not find a single person no matter if he/she has visited Zante or not, that will not know Navagio beach (Shipwreck beach) through photos, personal experience, word of mouth, or all the previous together! Thus, we gathered 10 photos from social media users that have captured different versions of this divine cove, under various angles and from personal, multidimensional perspectives. Enjoy:

Meet the festive “Kouloura” of Zante

Τετάρτη, 9 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

With Christmas lurking just around the corner, as we are only a few weeks away from this great celebration of Christianity, preparations for honoring the birth of Jesus Christ have already begun in every corner of Greece. Each part of Greece though, follows its very own festive tradition in order to welcome the Lord appropriately.

Dionysios Solomos

Τρίτη, 29 Σεπτεμβρίου 2015

Dionysios Solomos is probably the most renowned Zakynthian in the world. A celebrated poet, Solomos most famous -but according to scholars not his best- work, is none other than the Greek national anthem, called “Hymn to Liberty”.

Late summer in Zante!

Τρίτη, 11 Αυγούστου 2015

Photo credits: Couvanos Greece
“When’s the best time to visit Zante?” That’s probably the second most common questions we get after “Do you have availability on…”. But in reality the island of Zakynthos is always beautiful and provides its visitor with many unique experiences, regardless of when one visits it. Zante is a very popular destination during summertime, and how wouldn’t it be? It’s got an amazing coastline, long history to discover and fresh local foods to taste!

Summer '15 in Zante

Another amazing summer draws to its end! This -rather troubled for Greece- year we choose to collect all the positive memories that we can gather of Zante and our new friends that visited us.

All about Zante

Τετάρτη, 6 Μαΐου 2015

Zante island is situated in the Ionian Sea, in western Greece, and stands out among the most prominent summer destinations in Europe, with a great number of visitors traveling to the island each season. It is also considered one of the most awe islands in Greece. The summers in Zante are generally hot with a lot of sunshine, making the island a perfect destination for any voyager.

Zante's Top Beaches

Τετάρτη, 1 Απριλίου 2015

Navagio (Shipwreck)

Navagio (Shipwreck, Smugglers cove)

Any list of the best beaches, either in Zante, in Greece or in Europe as a matter of fact, wouldn’t be complete without Navagio. Probably the most photographed beach in the world, the beautiful secular cove was used for smuggling, when a few decades ago a smuggling ship ran ashore, being chased by the Hellenic Coast Guard, and was washed up on the beach, creating the unique site. Accessible only by boat, Shipwreck beach has no shade for most of the day, but also clear blue waters. Anyone who comes to Zakynthos must visit it.