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Τετάρτη, 1 Απριλίου 2015

Navagio (Shipwreck)

Navagio (Shipwreck, Smugglers cove)

Any list of the best beaches, either in Zante, in Greece or in Europe as a matter of fact, wouldn’t be complete without Navagio. Probably the most photographed beach in the world, the beautiful secular cove was used for smuggling, when a few decades ago a smuggling ship ran ashore, being chased by the Hellenic Coast Guard, and was washed up on the beach, creating the unique site. Accessible only by boat, Shipwreck beach has no shade for most of the day, but also clear blue waters. Anyone who comes to Zakynthos must visit it.

Alikes and Alikanas Beach

These two beaches, north east of the island, are connected and only a short walk away from each other, hence most times they’re mentioned together. The golden coasts get filled with locals and tourists alike during summertime. Alikanas has many fish restaurants, bars and cafes, letting you grab a bite, in case you’re feeling hungry. Alikes is usually the beach of choice of families, since the waters are not too deep and the sandy beach is perfect for castle making! From here you’ll also find boats to take you to the famous blue caves.


Many consider this beach the one to re-visit during your stay. Banana beach is located at the eastern point of the island and is the longest beach in length! Three beach bars, with summer tunes booming through their speakers, will provide you with everything you’ll need during your stay, be it parasols, seigelongs, snacks, beers, launch and everything in between. You’ll find many young Greeks here, as the beach is often promoted as the “Greek party beach”. Banana is popular among families in the mornings, while the younger, more hip crowd will start gathering after 1p.m.

Banana Beach


Probably the locals’ favourite, Gerakas beach is praised for its quiet and beautiful surroundings, while at the same time it offers a long, sandy, golden beach and clean, shallow waters. But you won't find here watersports, beach rackets, canteens and hip bars and cafes. Why? Because, this is the beach most caretta caretta sea turtles choose to lay their eggs! The beach is many times considered part of the Marine Park, but legally, that’s not the case. Anyhow, all visitors are required to be quiet and take extra care, for caretta carettas are an endangered species, that no one wants to see getting extinct.

Gerakas Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Zakynthos, this ones get’s names from the pottery that used to be made there. It’s very cosmopolitan and you’ll find countless bars and pubs, as it’s a hotspot for nightlife on the island. The long sandy beach, with shallow waters was one of the first that welcomed mass tourism the previous decades, but this had a tremendous effect on the Caretta-Carettas, which used it as a shelter and place to lay their eggs. The establishment of the National Marine Park has helped in both the sea turtle reproduction and in the calming of tourism, resulting a much friendlier beach for all.

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The famous resort hosts one of the most popular beaches on the island. With numerous water sports outlets, bars, tavernas and cafes, the beach will cater to any and every need of its visitor. It’s cosmopolitan, but authentic at the same time. Tsilivi is a long golden sand beach with shallow clear blue waters. It has a blue flag, meeting strict criteria for cleanliness, and you’ll find many parasols to lay under. It’s also just a few minutes from our village. If you want more info on this beach or any other on Zakynthos, our front desk is always there to help you.

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