Late summer in Zante!

Τρίτη, 11 Αυγούστου 2015

Photo credits: Couvanos Greece
“When’s the best time to visit Zante?” That’s probably the second most common questions we get after “Do you have availability on…”. But in reality the island of Zakynthos is always beautiful and provides its visitor with many unique experiences, regardless of when one visits it. Zante is a very popular destination during summertime, and how wouldn’t it be? It’s got an amazing coastline, long history to discover and fresh local foods to taste!

When the number of direct flies to the island’s airport falls, and summer is almost over, Zante gets its best colours; literally, for the local specimen of small pink cyclamen bloom in the wild, giving Zakynthos a sweet summery scent to accommodate its breathtaking natural scenery. Same applies to our lush and beautiful garden, with its olive trees bearing fruit. The still-warm weather is ideal for long strolls at the beach, day-long dives in the crystal clear waters, casual visits to tavernas and full-body tanning!

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The dust has settled after the package holiday travelers leave, in the middle of August, allowing room space to enjoy the island in better privacy. Service response times at restaurants drop, lines to get into clubs reduce, and options of where to lie on the beach increase. More and more locals enjoying their summer make an appearance, happy to help and eager to have a good time, just as you are.

Last, but certainly not least, vacations in Zante in late summer will not cost an arm and a leg, saving you much money, that you can spend to upgrade your experience or stay more days (or are these the same?). With better service, lower prices, unique scents, fresh food and the always amazing natural beauty, maybe Zante’s best time to visit it is in late summer!

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