When the nature’s beauty reaches the social media’s eternity!

Τετάρτη, 27 Ιανουαρίου 2016


Zakynthos is famous about many things, but what someone choose to remember in its full extension or in what context he/she really enjoyed something else is totally subjective. However, you will not find a single person no matter if he/she has visited Zante or not, that will not know Navagio beach (Shipwreck beach) through photos, personal experience, word of mouth, or all the previous together! Thus, we gathered 10 photos from social media users that have captured different versions of this divine cove, under various angles and from personal, multidimensional perspectives. Enjoy:

@Anna Oates took a classic capture of Navagio beach from the top of the cliff. Oh , yes this is a “classic” one for Navagio! Can you believe this beauty?


As we mentioned at the intro, Navagio is greek for Shipwreck. The beach’s name was Agios Georgios before 1982, when a vessel full of boxes with illegal cigarettes crashed into the Zakynthian rocks before it was beached off to this isolated cove and characterize it accordingly. Photos credits belong to @Ghost of Kuji.


Navagio beach in a common summer day. People enjoying the magical Ionian Sea waters, while daily cruises on tour are reaching the coast of Navagio for limited time. The background of the sheer, rugged cliffs rounding the azure colours of the sea is breathtaking. Thanks @thaissaaraujo!

@Ghost of Kuji with one more amazing capture of the shipwreck in the middle of the Navagio beach. In contrast to those sailing the unfortunate ship, all mentioned on the wreck’s skin made it…


Our hearts are full of personal wrecks… But we should always remember that in most of them there is gold hidden down in the hold! (Photo by @zanteofficial)


A truly strong picture. A young child on the top of… the world. Endless possibilities, divine aura and rough, but beautiful vibes. An abstract of life by @Kashif Pathan.


@dragan_jelenic enjoys some relaxing moments with his friends, taking the necessary pictures of the unique Navagio beach, minutes before the cruise ship sails for the next stop around the Ionian islands.


Would you believe this is not a “delectable” swimming pool of a luxurious complex, if you didn’t know that every photo in here comes from Navagio beach of Zakynthos? @pandispan_yo did after diving into these amazing waters.


Moments of serenity, relaxation and, of course, sunbathing. Because Greek waters are always correlated with the appropriate amount of Greek sun. A combination of Gods! (Photo credits to stefaddim_greece)

Zakynthian nature in full show-off. No words can describe this beauty… (Photo credits to @njyachtcharters).


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